Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Building the show

Just waiting for the last 3 pieces to be delivered for WLTM - these are all set to arrive tomorrow, and I have already planned out an initial idea of where everything is set to go.
Today I have been filling any holes in the walls, sanding back and then repainting ready for putting up the posters tomorrow.
There will be a few challenges for me tomorrow - caused by the fact that the posters are all A1 portrait, and some of the pieces which the artists initially put forward have actually changed, or are bigger than the original stipulation (stating that objects needed to fit inside a shoe box) this means that there will be a bit of juggling to do; and perhaps some creative decision making...but this is all part of the very interesting curatorial process.
I picked up the A1 posters from the printers yesterday, and I am really pleased with how they have turned out. There is a matt, reproduced quality to them which is in keeping with their original context, as circus posters can have a faded look when pasted up on billboards for a while, faded in the sun and degraded by the rain. Also yesterday I met the photographer from Stoke-on-Trent's local paper, The Sentinel. They are doing a piece about my practice in order to plug WLTM for the 'Your weekend' section in Saturday's paper. We went to a site in Stoke where some properties have recently been demolished in order to do a portrait of me in a context which fits my general practice, and we ended up getting into trouble with soem sort of site security guy who said that people aren't allowed on the sites of demolished properties. This is a strange idea, there are no barriers to stop anyone wandering on , and no signs, but we got our pictures anyway.


Rachel said...

What you mean you're not meant to go to demolished houses and remove sections of wallpaper, tiles, bits of old pottery or door knobs???? Oh dear ;)!

WLTM said...

yeah...I didn't know that either - it's probably not true...

Colin said...

hello WLTM

I've been watching your progress with interest from the beginning, and curiosity has overcome me, having decided not to apply and just see how it all went mainly because it intrigued me, I did get an original email inviting submissions, but it doesn't mention the work had to be able to fit in a shoebox, I don't mean to pick up on details, but if this was important (or isn't it?) should it have been a more precise and clearer part of the selection process? Is this a typical learning curve of being a curator? I don't know because i'm not one, but felt i needed to ask.

my questions are well intentioned, but i'm aware that leaving messages on blogs can be misinterpreted, because of lack of intonations in typing,

I hope all goes well at the show and it is all a success, i shall keep following the progress with interest.

WLTM said...

Thanks Colin,
I have looked through the original call too...and it would seem that the you are partly right...the early emails stated that thye work had to fit in a shoebox, but then somewhere along the line the info was omitted (accidentally) by it turns out I am glad that that information fell by the wayside. the original intention of this rule was to keep postage costs down for the individual artists involved; if this rule had've been strict I think perhaps the show would have been poorer in the long run, as we would not have had any larger scale pieces; like Wayne Thexton's Perch.
I'm glad that you have enjoyed following the project and hope that you will enjoy the pictures of the event - which i will be posting up over the next few days.
Best, Anna