Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anwyl Cooper-Willis Compatibility Results

Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Alex Staiger 33%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Andrew Martyn Sugars 36%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Anne Guest 36%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Antonio Roberts 29%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Carl Robinson 31%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Christine Gray 29%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Claire Flint 27%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Clare Morgan 40%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM David Bethell31%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Dee Sheils 24%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Elena Cassidy-Smith 24%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Georgina Vinsun 36%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Govinda Prasad-Sah 29%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Hamish Walker 31%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Helen Grundy24%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Helen Stevenson 44%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Katie Hollender 36%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Katie May Shipley 36%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Kim Clarkson 31%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Kirsty E. Smith 42%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Lindsey Cotterill 40%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Michael Horsnall 38%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Michelle Greenwood 29%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Paula McCann 36%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Rachel Grant 29%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Richard Brammer and Vikki Brown 24%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Sarah Cavani 27%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Sarah Turner 20%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Sookyung Huh 27%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Steffie Richards 36%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Steven Wheatley 24%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Wayne Thexton 44%
Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Yvette Hawkins 31%

Which means that Anwyl Cooper-Willis WLTM Wayne Thexton and Helen Stevenson the most, but since Wayne Thexton WLTM Alex Staiger more: Anwyl and Helen WLTM 44%.

Antonio Roberts compatibility results.

Antonio Roberts WLTM Alex Staiger 38%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Andrew Martyn Sugars 18%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Anne Guest 36%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Anwyl Cooper-Willis 29%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Carl Robinson 27%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Christine Gray 27%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Claire Flint 38%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Clare Morgan 27%
Antonio Roberts WLTM David Bethell 33%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Dee Sheils 24%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Elena Cassidy-Smith 42%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Georgina Vinsun 27%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Govinda Prasad-Sah 36%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Hamish Walker 31%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Helen Grundy 22%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Helen Stevenson 38%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Katie Hollender 29%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Katie May Shipley 22%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Kim Clarkson 20%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Kirsty E. Smith 33%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Lindsey Cotterill 24%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Michael Horsnall 29%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Michelle Greenwood 22%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Paula McCann 36%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Rachel Grant 20%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Richard Brammer and Vikki Brown 29%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Sarah Cavani 24%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Sarah Turner 20%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Sookyung Huh 31%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Steffie Richards 33%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Steven Wheatley 31%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Wayne Thexton 38%
Antonio Roberts WLTM Yvette Hawkins 29%

That means that Antonio Roberts WLTM Elena Cassidy-Smith the most at 42%.

Anne Guest Compatability Statistics

Anne Guest WLTM Alex Staiger 44%
Anne Guest WLTM Andrew Martyn Sugars 29%
Anne Guest WLTM Antonio Roberts 36%
Anne Guest WLTM Anwyl Cooper-Willis 36%
Anne Guest WLTM Carl Robinson 40%
Anne Guest WLTM Christine Gray 31%
Anne Guest WLTM Claire Flint 20%
Anne Guest WLTM Clare Morgan 31%
Anne Guest WLTM David Bethell 33%
Anne Guest WLTM Dee Sheils 31%
Anne Guest WLTM Elena Cassidy-Smith 29%
Anne Guest WLTM Georgina Vinsun 38%
Anne Guest WLTM Govinda Prasad-Sah 36%
Anne Guest WLTM Hamish Walker 29%
Anne Guest WLTM Helen Grundy 22%
Anne Guest WLTM Helen Stevenson 31%
Anne Guest WLTM Katie Hollender 29%
Anne Guest WLTM Katie May Shipley 22%
Anne Guest WLTM Kim Clarkson 20%
Anne Guest WLTM Kirsty E. Smith 33%
Anne Guest WLTM Lindsey Cotterill 24%
Anne Guest WLTM Michael Horsnall 29%
Anne Guest WLTM Michelle Greenwood 33%
Anne Guest WLTM Paula McCann 31%
Anne Guest WLTM Rachel Grant22%
Anne Guest WLTM Richard Brammer and Vikki Brown 40%
Anne Guest WLTM Sarah Cavani 27%
Anne Guest WLTM Sarah Turner 44%
Anne Guest WLTM Sookyoung Huh 27%
Anne Guest WLTM Steffie Richards 36%
Anne Guest WLTM Steven Wheatley 24%
Anne Guest WLTM Wayne Thexton 29%
Anne Guest WLTM Yvette Hawkins 38%

That means that Anne Guest WLTM Alex Staiger or Sarah Turner the most at 44%, but as Alex Staiger WLTM Wayne Thexton more it is not a good enough match.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Interesting member facts.

Question number 13 on the WLTM questionnaire was 'At a Party you'd be called: a barfly, a cruiser, a gatecrasher, a party-pooper, a wallflower, a social butterfly, the life and soul, an average mingler, and exhibitionist or an impartial observer.
38% of the respondents said they were a social butterfly.
18% said they were impartial observers.
and there was one exhibitionist.

Question number 17 was Which rules you the most? The heart, the head, time, money, opportunity, pleasure, work or family.
44% of the respondents said they were most ruled by the heart.
15% said they were most ruled by the head.
And noone said they were most ruled by money.

First Artist compatability percentages totally calibrated.

I have finally finished working out the first artist's compatibility with all of the other artists. The results show that Alex Staiger is most compatible with Wayne Thexton - with a 51% match.
Alex Staiger WLTM
Andrew Martyn Sugars 38%
Alex Staiger WLTM Anne Guest 44%
Alex Staiger WLTM Antonio Roberts 38%
Alex Staiger WLTM Anwyl Cooper-Willis 33%
Alex Staiger WLTM
Carl Robinson 22%
Alex Staiger WLTM Christine Gray 31%
Alex Staiger WLTM Claire Flint 40%
Alex Staiger WLTM
Clare Morgan 31%
Alex Staiger WLTM David Bethell 47%
Alex Staiger WLTM Dee Sheils 36%
Alex Staiger WLTM Elena Cassidy-Smith 33%
Alex Staiger WLTM
Georgina Vinsun 31%
Alex Staiger WLTM Govinda Prasad Sah 33%
Alex Staiger WLTM Hamish Walker 31%
Alex Staiger WLTM Helen Grundy 42%
Alex Staiger WLTM Helen Stevenson 40%
Alex Staiger WLTM Katie May Shipley 29%
Alex Staiger WLTM Katie Hollender 29%
Alex Staiger WLTM Kim Clarkson 42%
Alex Staiger WLTM Kirsty E. Smith 33%
Alex Staiger WLTM Lindsey Cotterill 33%
Alex Staiger WLTM Michael Horsnall 40%
Alex Staiger WLTM Michelle Greenwood 36%
Alex Staiger WLTM Paula McCann 47%
Alex Staiger WLTM Rachel Grant 22%
Alex Staiger WLTM Richard Brammer and Vikki Brown 42%
Alex Staiger WLTM Sarah Cavani 20%
Alex Staiger WLTM Sarah Turner 42%
Alex Staiger WLTM Sookyung Huh 49%
Alex Staiger WLTM Steffie Richards 49%
Alex Staiger WLTM Steven Wheatley 29%
Alex Stayger WLTM Wayne Thexton 51%
Alex Staiger WLTM Yvette Hawkins 40%

So, one down 33 to go!


Design genius Phil Rawle has stepped in to help the floundering DIRECTOR in the design of the posters and flyers for WLTM.
Phil designs all of the AirSpace posters/flyers and catalogues and is an absolute joy to work with - and I must say endlessly patient with scatty artists who forget to put logos/addresses and other important information on posters and flyers.
Phil's flyer and poster are a vast improvement on my amateur try. I feel the need to put both up here for comparison. So below is my flyer (front and back) and then the professional's version. Can you tell the difference? I think so...
Above: my version with jagged drawing of swans - no address and missing logo.
Below: Phil Rawle's version with no missing information, lovely clean-lines in the drawing of the swans, and altogether infinitely improved .

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


WLTM's Featured Member: artist Alex Staiger is A Taurus from New York city.
Alex describes herself as loving excess, viscerality and chaos, saying that her involvement with the viewer leads her to create moments that are desirable and indescribable to be read on a gut instinct, which just feels right and just is. Staiger has put forward 'Chance Me' for WLTM - which is a 3d drawing. She says 'I try to create moments that I describe as candy everybody wants; from hand to mouth like a Chinese rock garden.'Alex is driven by passion, pleasure and experience and would be a deer if she were an animal.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Total Number of Possible Combinations

At the final count 35 artists have entered applications to the WLTM dating agency - this means there are a total of 595 possible combinations of pairs to work out the compatibility for. I hope to get the selection process completed by the end of this week at the latest - this is no mean feat.
I have also been working on the WLTM Event flyer. As design is a particular weak point of mine this is the part of the process which is difficult for me. The other problem is that I am meeting the printers on Tuesday in order to handover the copy for the flyers but I do not yet know which of the 34 artists have been selected - therefore the names of the artists will not be able to go on the flyers. However, perhaps now is a good time to reveal the names of the contributing artists.
In alphabetical order.
Alex Staiger
Andrew Martyn Sugars
Anne Guest
Antonio Roberts
Anwyl Cooper-Willis
Carl Robinson
Christine Gray
Claire Flint
Clare Morgan
David Bethell
Dee Sheils
Elena Cassidy-Smith
Georgina Vinsun
Govinda Prasad-Sah
Hamish Walker
Helen Grundy
Helen Stevenson
Katie Hollender
Katie May Shipley
Kim Clarkson
Kirsty E. Smith
Lindsey Cotterill
Michael Horsnall
Michelle Greenwood
Paula McCann
Rachel Grant
Richard Brammer and Vikki Brown
Sarah Cavani
Sarah Turner
Sookyung Huh
Steffie Richards
Steven Wheatley
Wayne Thexton
Yvette Hawkins

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Choosing a Design for the WLTM Flyers

I can't make my mind up if it should be overly romantic - and look a bit like a tunnel of love poster - or very simple. So far I prefer the simple design.
SIGNED: Anna Francis

Thursday, July 24, 2008


WLTM's Featured Member: artist and writer Wayne Thexton is a Burton-Albion fan and a Gemini.
Wayne describes himself as having recently come out as an artist. He says he is moved by many things, and that his work is driven by an emotional responsiveness to a variety of stimulii ranging from poverty, to anti-learning-cultures or the simple beauty of a greenfinch landing in the garden. This may go some way to explain his piece for WLTM 'Perch,' which consists of a wooden perch and a variety of bird foods including: peanuts, dried meal worms and mixed seeds.
Wayne says that mindlessness makes him sad, and that his ideal date would include walking, talking, eating and laughing, as well as observing how beautiful the date is, and playing everything else effortlessly by ear.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Generating the Compatibility Percentages

So now the mammoth task of generating the compatibility percentages has started. I intend the entire selection process to be completely transparent, for this reason I will be publishing the percentages here as they are generated - and also all of the selection materials/paperwork and submission materials will be available for the viewer to inspect at the opening on 30th August.
So far I have been working on how compatible artist Alex Staiger is with the other applicants.
Here are the results:
Alex Staiger WLTM Anne Guest 44%
Alex Staiger WLTM Antonio Roberts 38%
Alex Staiger WLTM Anwyl Cooper-Willis 33%
Alex Staiger WLTM Claire Flint 40%
Alex Staiger WLTM David Bethell 47%
Alex Staiger WLTM Elena Cassidy-Smith 33%
Alex Staiger WLTM Govinda Prasad Sah 33%
Alex Staiger WLTM Helen Grundy 42%
Alex Staiger WLTM Katie May Shipley 29%
Alex Staiger WLTM Kim Clarkson 42%
Alex Staiger WLTM Kirsty E. Smith 33%
Alex Staiger WLTM Lindsey Cotterill 33%
Alex Staiger WLTM Michael Horsnall 40%
Alex Staiger WLTM Rachel Grant 22%
Alex Staiger WLTM Sarah Cavani 20%
Alex Staiger WLTM Steven Wheatley 29%
Alex Staiger WLTM Yvette Hawkins 40%

So there we are, so far Alex Staiger would most like to meet David Bethell, but this could change because there are quite a few that I have not checked Alex's compatibility against yet. Watch this space...

First Job of the Day

Every day when I arrive at Harrington Mill Studios the first thing I must do is take off the nail varnish (Maybelline Water Shine in Flamboyant Coral) from the day before, and then reapply the nail varnish. This is to help the transformation from Anna Francis to THE DIRECTOR.
Anna Francis wears nail varnish for weeks on end - until the varnish has actually chipped itself completely off, whereas THE DIRECTOR would not dream off walking around without perfectly painted nails.
It is a good ritual to get me in the mood for becoming THE DIRECTOR and running the WLTM dating agency.
Signed: Anna Francis

Monday, July 14, 2008


The Director has now begun the long process of working out how well the applicants are matched.
The first pair to be checked are Alex Staiger and Anne Guest, who are not very well matched at all as it happens, and match just 44%. Not a very promising combination.Other news: Jackie Berridge from HMS has figured out how to put the WLTM questionnaire online - so people can just fill it in via the website, rather than requesting info first. Click on link.
Today I have spent:
Traint ticket: £4.55
Bus ticket: £2.10
Sandwich and drink: £4.60
Total today: £11.25
SIGNED: Anna Francis


WLTM's Featured Member: artist and writer Yvette Hawkins is a Gemini.
In 1987 Yvette lived in a ford escort with her Dad and Brother. She is inspired by the natural environment, repetition, organic and architectural structures and the extraordinary things that happen to ordinary people.
Yvette is an occasional smoker, and says that selfishness, ignorance and people who don't eat leftovers make her sad.
Contrary to popular belief Yvette does not look like Bjork!
Yvette has submitted 'I opened my mouth and you fell out' to WLTM - this piece is made of a folded second-hand book. Yvette has folded over 40,000 pages to date and says that people describe her as slightly obsessive.

Friday, July 11, 2008


So far 68 people have requested application materials for WLTM - not all of those have sent them back yet, which is perhaps just as well.
Today Harrington Mills artists Alison, Jackie and I have been discussing how many possible combinations of pairs there will be: and how long it will therefore take to process all of the applicants in order to know who is selected.
If 5 applicants send in their questionnaires then there will be 10 possible combinations.
If 10 applicants send in their questionnaires then there will be 45 possible combinations.
And if 20 applicants send in their questionnaires then there will be 190 possible combinations.
And as we are already past the 20 mark - I could be here a long time...
Today I have bought:
Train ticket: £4.55
cotton wool balls: £0.89
nail varnish remover: £0.59
Blu Tak: £0.79
cheese sandwich: £1.99
crisps: £0.33
2 bottles of water (bogof): £0.49
2 box files: £6.58
Bus ticket: £0.70
Total: £16.91

I will clean off the Director's coral nail varnish later - and then reapply it.
SIGNED: Anna Francis

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First Day at HMS

So, today is my first day at HMS and so far I have had my induction, met some of the Harrington Mill artists, who were all very welcoming, and now have proud ownership of a large space in which to carry out my project. How exciting.
So far I have spent:
Train Fair: £4.55
Block of A4 Paper: £3.99
3 marker pens: £2.49
Nail varnish: £1.98
Bus Ticket: £1
Total: £13.02

Jackie has found me a big table to use, which I will set up as The Director's desk once I get my printer and everything else here.

So far all I know for sure about The Director is that she wears Maybelline Water Shine Nail varnish in Flamboyant Coral.
SIGNED: Anna Francis

Monday, July 7, 2008


WLTM's Featured Member: Multi-disciplinary artist Elena Cassidy-Smith is a Leo.
Elena describes herself as a bit of a workaholic when it comes to her practice, she is fiercely ambitious, and nothing makes her happier than having a number of projects on the go at one time. Elena's favourite food is pasta.
Elena has submitted 'Gift Shop,' 2007 to the WLTM project - this piece is in line with much of Elena's work; utilising reclaimed and found materials, which reinvents and extends the usefulness of the objects used.

The deadline for completed submissions for the WLTM exhibition has now been extended to Monday,14th July - as a number of artists have indicated that they have only just received news of the exciting project.
It only takes 5 minutes to fill in the questionnaire - so there is still time.
Applications are coming in thick and fast...some really interesting works are being proposed. It will be very exciting to see who gets matched up. If you are still yet to receive your questionnaire then please email us