Sunday, July 27, 2008

Total Number of Possible Combinations

At the final count 35 artists have entered applications to the WLTM dating agency - this means there are a total of 595 possible combinations of pairs to work out the compatibility for. I hope to get the selection process completed by the end of this week at the latest - this is no mean feat.
I have also been working on the WLTM Event flyer. As design is a particular weak point of mine this is the part of the process which is difficult for me. The other problem is that I am meeting the printers on Tuesday in order to handover the copy for the flyers but I do not yet know which of the 34 artists have been selected - therefore the names of the artists will not be able to go on the flyers. However, perhaps now is a good time to reveal the names of the contributing artists.
In alphabetical order.
Alex Staiger
Andrew Martyn Sugars
Anne Guest
Antonio Roberts
Anwyl Cooper-Willis
Carl Robinson
Christine Gray
Claire Flint
Clare Morgan
David Bethell
Dee Sheils
Elena Cassidy-Smith
Georgina Vinsun
Govinda Prasad-Sah
Hamish Walker
Helen Grundy
Helen Stevenson
Katie Hollender
Katie May Shipley
Kim Clarkson
Kirsty E. Smith
Lindsey Cotterill
Michael Horsnall
Michelle Greenwood
Paula McCann
Rachel Grant
Richard Brammer and Vikki Brown
Sarah Cavani
Sarah Turner
Sookyung Huh
Steffie Richards
Steven Wheatley
Wayne Thexton
Yvette Hawkins


Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

good afternoon.

that's Andrew Martyn Sugars, btw.

Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

thank you : )

WLTM said...

you're welcome